• Our first concern is with “mapping” the products that are produced in Achaia, as well as the surrounding regions.
  • A complete and clear picture of all these products assists us with preparing a broad portfolio with products that stand out for their unique values.This product portfolio operates as an axis for our actions in order to ensure that our region’s products are successfully presented to the international markets.
  • We promote the portfolio’s products through activities such as international expos, business missions and by inviting buyers to our facilities where there is a permanent exhibit. Our advantage: we operate as a one stop shop, where one can find products from many different product groups .
  • We coordinate and supervise the progress of each order, within the context of our activities, in conjunction with the relevant local producer, so that it arrives at its destination in the safest, fastest and most cost-effective manner. This is also the reason why we always investigate the possibility for grouping consignments (groupage), which significantly reduces the transportation costs.